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Loss Weight In 2 Weeks


If you are wondering how to lose weight in 2 week, then I’ll suggest that it’s not an over ambitious thought. You can make small changes in your daily lifestyle and see dynamic changes in your weight. Even small things can make a difference if you are looking at quick weight loss results.


One such way to weight loss is taking the stairs instead of the lift or you can just simply climb seven or eight floors of your building and you will definitely see changes in weight within a week.

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Any weight loss program is a waste without will power, determination and plan. If your are determined on how to lose weight in 1 week then you need to follow some rules stringently.


You can take pictures of your meal plate before and after meal and save it on your cell phone. If you observe it later then you will get motivated to further control your portion size.

Taking multivitamins like A, D, B complex etc; can be of great help in quick weight loss as multivitamins prevent hunger pangs and one feels less hungry during the day while consuming multivitamins.


Strength training exercises and speed training helps greatly in how to lose weight in 2 week. You need to pace up your workout time and reduce rest periods to see quick results.

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Whenever you take a weight loss program make sure that you consume oranges or vitamin C in some form as it facilitates weight loss. You should snack on fruits and vegetables whenever you feel hungry at odd hours. You can eat different  colored fruits and vegetables to avoid monotony on your plate.

You can also take up yoga for two to three times a week as correct breathing can enhance your metabolism. Another important thing that needs to be considered on how to lose weight in 2 week is cutting down on calories. You should bring down your daily calorie consumption to 2000 cal to alleviate the weight loss program. Avoid all the aerated and sweet beverages during weight loss.Fresh juice and water is only acceptable.


For an aggressive and quick weight loss program you need to take aerobic exercises like walking jogging or other free hand exercises.


If you are considering on how to lose weight in 2 week then I’ll suggest that you don’t act very strict with your body.If your body starts aching then listen to it and allow it to rest as it is better than pushing it and causing injury.After you have passed one week diet make sure that you continue your diet and exercises otherwise whatever you have lost will come back in no time.


Weight loss is possible and achievable.You just need determination and passion towards it to maintain your ideal weight and body shape.

That’s about it on how to lose weight in 2 week – virtually guaranteed!

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